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Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysDecember 7th, 2016 at 3:36am
Angel Answers: Don’t Stop

Positive and straight forward. This card finds you at the perfect time. Don’t Stop! Keep going in the direction of your dreams and plans.

Don’t let others intimidate you or veer you from your path with negative talk. This is your journey! Have confidence and keep forging ahead. Your journey is unique and magical.

Not been dreaming or planning lately? Then this is your wake up call. What is it you desire? – Not the path to achieve it, but what is the end result. Often times we are so focused on the ‘how’ we forget the magic of the universe to conspire in our favour.

Don’t stop dreaming. This is your life – make it wonderful!

Tenacious blessings for the week ahead.
Xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysDecember 7th, 2016 at 3:36am
Romance Angels: Very Soon

Even though this card comes from the Romance Angels deck, the message is universal.

Clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now!
This card is asking you to define exactly what you want. Whether your prayer is for a soul-mate, a new job or deeper understanding, now is the time to get clear!

When you complain about what you’ve attracted up till now, this negativity keeps you stuck in the vibration of lack. Rather, focus on what you wish to create. Place your order with the divine and decide to be open and willing.

Align yourself with your new request. Put yourself in situations and vibrations that match your desired outcome. How would it feel to have the things you desire? The power is in the present moment. Know that every request is answered, so stay positive. As your question is ‘When’ the answer is ‘Very Soon’.

Affirmation: I trust the Universe to bring the right people and circumstances into my life at the perfect time.

Blessings of Answered Prayers this week.
Xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysDecember 7th, 2016 at 3:36am
Numerology Guidance Cards: Surrender 91

This insightful card indicates a need to surrender your attachment to an outcome or situation. Your inability to let go could be blocking your flow!

A lovely message from this card: Desperation blocks Manifestation!

Are you holding onto a desired outcome so tightly your hands can’t open to receive what the universe is sending you? Time to loosen your grip. Perhaps the universe is sending you something even more wonderful than you could imagine, wrapped in a different package.

Give the universe space and time to gather the order you have placed.

Focus on gratitude for what you have today, surrender to the crazy cycles of life and enjoy every moment. When you do what brings you happiness instead of hanging onto the energy of ‘not having’ you block your blessings. Trust that divine order is at work and create positive vibrations so that whatever you attract will be a blessing to you.

Affirmation: Wherever I am is exactly where I need to be. I trust and surrender to the divine plan.

Divinely Timed Blessings for your week ahead 😉
Xx Leo

Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysDecember 7th, 2016 at 3:36am
Legacy of the Divine Tarot: The World

Happy Monday everyone! As the giant Super Moon graces our skies tonight, we have The World showing up for us this week 😉

Success and accomplishment, The World card signifies victory. Not only for us but for those around us too!

When The World card arrives in a reading it often means the completion of hard work and indicates achievement. Perhaps it’s time to look back and see how your journey has brought successes. Even if those are valuable experiences, they are still significant achievements. Have you given yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work you’ve put in?

The zodiac signs appear on this card as a symbol of inclusion. We often like to think of ourselves as only one symbol or sign, but really we are made up of them all. The World card holds a strong sense of community and being ‘part of the whole’. With all the crazy world events seemingly causing chaos, this is not the time to feel separate and hide. It’s now time to shine your light and share your knowledge and experience with others.

If you’ve been planning travel or have an aching desire for a journey, then the World card reminds you to continue on with those plans.

As the Super Moon will amplify our emotions, use this wonderful time to look back on the journey so far with positivity and a sense of completion – take those experiences into this new phase with good energy and don’t be afraid to create whatever you wish in the world!

Wishing you Super Blessings on Supermoon Monday!
Xx Leo

Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysDecember 7th, 2016 at 3:36am
Archangel Oracle Cards: Divine Order

Archangel Raguel guides us this week to embrace the positive energy of Divine Order!

This card gently nudges us in the direction of positive energy - to see underlying order in a situation that was troubling you.

Remember that you are a powerful creator. What you focus on becomes. Use only positive words and affirmations to assist you in keeping focused on an optimistic outcome. Everything is how it needs to be right now.

Even if you don’t see this divine order just yet, hasn’t every situation and experience led you to become who you are today? There is a divine order to everything. Now... what do you choose to focus on?

Affirmation: Everything comes to me at the exact perfect time, space and sequence. I am blessed!

Divine Blessings for the week ahead!
xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysDecember 7th, 2016 at 3:36am
Soul Coaching Oracle Cards – Transformation

The inspiring Soul Coaching card deck finds us this week to remind us that Positive Changes are coming. Old structures and beliefs will be replaced with a brand new pathway!

Be brave enough to view the world in a fresh way.

You are in the process of transformation so try not to hold onto old patterns. If things look bleak right now, remember that you have the power to change them. Your thoughts create things! What are you focusing on? What if you saw every obstacle as an opportunity for growth? Hang in there, this is part of the process.

If you are in desperate need for transformation, today is your opportunity. Don’t focus on what is holding you back, ask yourself what you can do to transform this day! What would make you smile today? This small act of self-love, is an opportunity for a habitual positive change / transformation. Just the thought of this, is changing your vibration!

Your affirmation for the week: I am joyously centered and safe as wonderful changes occur around me.

Transformative blessings for your week ahead!

Xx Leo


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