Hello and welcome to my page. I hope this website serves not only as an area of contact for appointments, but also for inspiration and learning.

In Person Readings:  My wonderful mother Lee, books my appointments and manages my diary. She is contactable on the numbers provided. There is currently a 5-6 month waiting period.  Should you wish to book earlier, please ask Lee to put you on the cancellation list and should an appointment become available sooner, we will do our best to contact you.

Lee is also the creator and co-founder of www.fiorecrafts.co.za and makes a range of beautiful beaded items.  The SoulfulWays shop is a collection of hand-made and imported items available for purchase by appointment only.  We currently supply Helderberg Health and Wellness located at 1 Panorama Drive, The Links, Somerset West and Aurora Books in Durbanville with many of our best sellers. Please see the SoulfulWays Shop page above for more info.

Skype Readings: Please see our Online Readings page above. These can be booked sooner but the pricing structure is different.

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Soulful Ways4 days ago
Ask and it is Given: My Greatest Gift to give is My Happiness!

As this week begins, the Greatest Gift card reminds you to be a shining light of happiness for others. Happiness connects us to Spirit/God, our true state of being... and acts as a magnet for more.

Many of us feel guilty for shining our happiness - see your light as a source of inspiration to others, and encourage them to follow their bliss as you are following yours.

If you've not been feeling the happiness this week, this card serves as a reminder to find happy things within your day to focus on and you will begin to see your way out of the dark clouds. Baby steps 😉

Blessings for a joyful week!

xx Leo
Soulful Ways
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Blessings for 2017!

Guidance systems like Numerology have always fascinated me. Every year around this time, I become entranced by the numbers. So I thought I’d share a little advice on the areas you could focus on in relation to your Personal Year number. Please note, I am by no means an expert numerologist, I do however, love sharing information:

If you'd like me to send you your Personal Year Number, just comment below with your Day and Month of birth.

Alternatively, this is how to calculate your Personal Year number yourself:

Day and Month of your Birth + the numbers for this year 2+0+1+7 (10 = 1+0 = 1) (Double-digit numbers are added together to get a single-digit)

Example: A person born on the 11th of April. The numbers are always reduced/calculated as single digits: 1 +1 (Day) + 4 (Month) = 6

6 (total of the above numbers - your day and month of birth) + 1 (for 2017) = 7 Personal Year

Feel free to tag or share the images with friends or family.

xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways1 month ago
Saints and Angels Oracle Cards: Miracle

So you’ve ordered a miracle and one has arrived 😉 This card asks you to let go of how you think the miracle should appear.
The Christ card reminds us all that because we are part of the creator, we deserve to have Heaven’s help, love and attention.
Be open to receiving help and guidance in miraculous and ingenious ways, and look for the seemingly small miracles all around you - and you will begin to notice even more miracles!

Blessings of peace and miraculous laughter this festive week.

xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways1 month ago
The Answer is Simple: You Are Safe!

How often do you find yourself getting caught up in fear based thoughts? Conjuring 'worst case' scenarios at the drop of a hat?

This is a card reminding us that we are indeed safe. We can take charge of our lives at any given moment and even alter the course of our lives just as quickly as we manifest fear.

Choose to feel safe and surrounded by spirit. Choose to do something with your fear energy and use it to propel you forward into manifesting your greatest desires.

Blessings and manifestation magic for your week ahead.
Xx Leo

Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways2 months ago
Angel Answers: Don’t Stop

Positive and straight forward. This card finds you at the perfect time. Don’t Stop! Keep going in the direction of your dreams and plans.

Don’t let others intimidate you or veer you from your path with negative talk. This is your journey! Have confidence and keep forging ahead. Your journey is unique and magical.

Not been dreaming or planning lately? Then this is your wake up call. What is it you desire? – Not the path to achieve it, but what is the end result. Often times we are so focused on the ‘how’ we forget the magic of the universe to conspire in our favour.

Don’t stop dreaming. This is your life – make it wonderful!

Tenacious blessings for the week ahead.
Xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways2 months ago
Romance Angels: Very Soon

Even though this card comes from the Romance Angels deck, the message is universal.

Clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now!
This card is asking you to define exactly what you want. Whether your prayer is for a soul-mate, a new job or deeper understanding, now is the time to get clear!

When you complain about what you’ve attracted up till now, this negativity keeps you stuck in the vibration of lack. Rather, focus on what you wish to create. Place your order with the divine and decide to be open and willing.

Align yourself with your new request. Put yourself in situations and vibrations that match your desired outcome. How would it feel to have the things you desire? The power is in the present moment. Know that every request is answered, so stay positive. As your question is ‘When’ the answer is ‘Very Soon’.

Affirmation: I trust the Universe to bring the right people and circumstances into my life at the perfect time.

Blessings of Answered Prayers this week.
Xx Leo

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