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Lee is also the creator and co-founder of www.fiorecrafts.co.za and makes a range of beautiful beaded items.  The SoulfulWays shop is a collection of hand-made and imported items available for purchase by appointment only.  We currently supply Aurora Books in Durbanville with many of our best sellers. Please see the SoulfulWays Shop page above for more info.

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Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysAugust 27th, 2016 at 10:21pm
This week's Card: New Beginnings!

I love this card because I believe it’s never too late (or too early) to manifest a New Beginning!

This card reminding us that every new beginning starts with that all important first step.

When this card appears I know it’s time for a brave new adventure or a leap of faith. It can also show up when there is a significant inner change happening inside of you. Being a very powerful card, it reminds you to start your brand new beginning with wisdom, faith and careful planning.

Life is always trying to move us forward, sometimes into a new beginning we feel unprepared for. If this card has shown up for you today, the universe is urging you to look at this new beginning from a different perspective. The feeling of being lost or confused is often the first indicator on the precipice of change. Know that if you tap into your inner guidance, wisdom and belief in yourself, that this change can be phenomenal. Have courage and believe, take a calculated leap of faith this week!

If you imagine yourself as an unafraid child, how would you see your current situation – as a great adventure? What could you be doing differently? What projects or exciting adventures do you have brewing? Time to start!

Affirmation: I embrace new beginnings and am ready for positive change!

Blessings for this new week!
Xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysAugust 27th, 2016 at 10:21pm
Archangel Raphael: Prayer Works!

This compassionate and gentle card urges us to use the power of prayer. Whether you pray formally in a group or at church or whether it’s personally - this loving card reminds you to put your request in. Raphael joins you in praying for the best possible outcome as well as peace for everyone involved. The answer to your prayer might even come in a different package to what you expect.

Remember that no matter how big or small your request is, God/The Universe is ready and waiting to respond. Sometimes it’s also helpful to pray for different aspects of a situation. Be open and trust that you are being heard, that your vibration matters and your soul is here for a purpose (even when times seem tough).

The vibration of request (prayer) is wonderful, it prepares us for the powerful vibration of receiving. Surrender and release all that worries you, give your cares to God and the Angels – see your situation healed.

“Dear God and Archangel Raphael, thank you for hearing and answering my prayer of... (add your details here). “

Blessings for a healing week ahead!

Xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysAugust 27th, 2016 at 10:21pm
Goddess Guidance Card – Green Tara: In honour of Woman’s Day and the Goddess within all of us!
The aptly chosen powerful Green Tara card, reminds us to Delegate!

If we aren’t brave enough to delegate, we need to be aware of carrying resentment in our hearts for not getting the help we need/want. To become truly productive means to balance. Take the time to plan and focus and you will be amazed at how productive and decisive you become.

Know that we are all here to help each other and that it is not weakness (and unhealthy to feel guilty) to ask for help. In fact, it’s powerful to know how to ask for help, so START DELEGATING. You may even find an easier and faster way to get things done by flowing with your thoughts rather than pushing forward through struggle and strife.

If you fill up your own cup you will have more authentic energy to give others!

So, ask your partner for help - give your children chores – accept assistance – be a team player.

Blessings for a wonderful Woman’s Day tomorrow and delegation filled week 😉
Xx Leo

Affirmation: I ask for and accept help graciously and this allows me more time to flow with ease through life – creating happiness for myself and everyone around me.

Special note: Green Tara is a Hindu and Buddhist Goddess whose name means ‘Star’. She is known for being a speedy helper who offers emergency aid and provides rapid understanding of situations and relationships. She rescues us by empowering us to save ourselves.
Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysAugust 27th, 2016 at 10:21pm
Sharing of Yourself
Affirmation: ‘I am an incredibly generous being’

This lovely card arrives on the 1st of the new month. 🙂 Great start to this new moon phase:

The universe wants you to know, what you have to share is valuable. Allow others to see your radiance!

This week’s message is a call to share from your soul. Remember giving doesn’t mean to give only with funds or things, giving is to share of your compassion, kindness and the gifts of your soul. Not from a feeling of duty or sacrifice but from a place of abundance. If you give with the feeling of plenty (that there is no lack of energy, joy or funds), the universe will pour an abundance of these things into your life. Don’t give to expect anything in return, rather know that the energy of the abundance you share will be returned to you in ways you may not even expect. That’s the beauty of giving from the heart.

Allow yourself to receive by giving thanks for all the blessing that have come your way and bless someone else with your generous spirit.

Questions to ask yourself: How can I give even more without feeling depleted? What is stopping the flow within my life? What could occur in my life if I gave without reservation – how fantastic would it feel?

New Moon blessings everyone!
Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysAugust 27th, 2016 at 10:21pm
Hi Everyone!

This week’s card is from the Angel Therapy Oracle Deck - Throat Chakra

This beautiful card reminds us to speak our truth! Have you been feeling that you can’t seem to express yourself to those around you? That your voice is not being heard by others? Including loved ones? Perhaps you feel your creativity is being stifled? Or that you don't want to admit the truth to yourself? Well, then this card is drawn especially for you this week.

Our throat chakra (also called Vishuddha) is the energy centre located in our neck area. Some people even experience a sore throat or problems with the throat area when this chakra is blocked.

You can clear your throat chakra by expressing yourself (either verbally or in written form) with compassion and love. You deserve to be heard! Express your truth with kindness and you will be amazed at how much better you feel. Ask your Angels to guide your words and help you express yourself in an eloquent and loving way.

Prayer from the Oracle Deck: Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now. Thank you for guiding me in the expression of my inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you watch over me in all that I say and write so that I may clearly convey my inner message.
Soulful Ways
Soulful WaysAugust 27th, 2016 at 10:21pm
Isn't it beautiful, when while you are rushing, chasing time...that suddenly an obstacle appears to slow you down - that if you let it, you are in the perfect position to appreciate the scenery, learn the lesson, find what you are looking for, or even bump into an old friend in the same queue. Look up, smile and notice. Miracles are everywhere. <3

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