Hello and welcome to my page. I hope this website serves not only as an area of contact for appointments, but also for inspiration and learning.

In Person Readings:  My wonderful mother Lee, books my appointments and manages my diary. She is contactable on the number provided. There is currently a 9-12 month waiting period.  Should you wish to book earlier, please ask Lee to put you on the cancellation list and should an appointment become available sooner, we will do our best to contact you.

Lee is also the creator and co-founder of www.fiorecrafts.co.za and makes a range of beautiful beaded items.  The SoulfulWays shop is a collection of hand-made and imported items available for purchase by appointment only.  We currently supply Helderberg Health and Wellness located at 1 Panorama Drive, The Links, Somerset West and Aurora Books in Durbanville with many of our best sellers. Please see the SoulfulWays Shop page above for more info.

Skype Readings: Please see our Online Readings page above. These can be booked sooner but the pricing structure is different.

Soulful Ways

Weekly Messages from Spirit by Leo. Inspiring, Uplifting, Enlightening. Workshops and Courses run by Leo will be listed here first.
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways4 months ago
Is the universe granting you space for a different perspective? Are you seeing this space as ‘adversity’ or ‘being blocked’? This is an opportunity to change the energy around you.

Wayne Dyer: If things are not working, ask yourself “In what way am I creating this? In what way can I change?”
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways6 months ago
Stop the inner chatter and give thanks! Sometimes we get sucked into the negativity around us and we forget what's real, true and important. Give thanks for the love, in the here and now.... and all of life's worries will seem that much more insignificant. Blessings for a grateful week ahead. xx
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways7 months ago
Earth Magic Oracle Cards: Meadow - Vulnerability

Vulnerability is a gorgeous card of duality, it represents being open to the beauty of the world (like the meadow in the picture) but for some it represents being open to hurts and disappointments.

Where in your life right now do you feel vulnerable? Are you fearing a potential ‘negative’ future? Or are you co-creating with the universe to create a wonderful one?

Vulnerability can make us feel defenseless but really, that is just an illusion. To be vulnerable, is to be authentic. Once you are exposed, therein lies your strength!

We often go through life doing the same old thing because the miserable place we find ourselves in, is less scary than trusting (being vulnerable) to the unknown. Vulnerability is the doorway to trust! Once we are brave enough to be vulnerable, we step into the unknown and who knows what miracles could await us there!

Spirit is asking you to be brave this week. Allow your vulnerabilities and step through the doorway, there are parts of you waiting to be found! So speak your truth as you have nothing to hide. Show up! Be seen! Be You! Being vulnerable allows you to build on authentic confidence, because once you embrace being you, only great things can manifest!

Affirm: I allow myself to be vulnerable, this empowers me to live life to the fullest!

Blessings of love and confidence this week.

Xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways7 months ago
We tend to worry so much about all the small things, sometimes the people, places and things that bring us laughter are all we need to turn a frown upside down 🙂 Ask yourself, 'Will this predicament matter in a month/year/lifetime?' Don't sweat the small stuff this week, lets flow and allow miracles to happen.
xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways8 months ago
Saints and Angels: Believe

If you have been struggling over the last week, the Saints and Angels deck is here to answer...It's time to work on your self-belief!

This card reminds us not just to have faith and believe in miracles but to believe in the power of our own abilities.

It's time to stop focusing on obstacles outside of yourself and look at the blockages within. If you believed completely in yourself (your abilities and uniqueness) what decisions would you make right now? How would you live differently?

This card's core message is 'You are ready, you CAN do it'.

Affirm: I believe in the power of God/The universe to empower me to create anything I set my mind to.

Blessings for your week ahead!
xx Leo
Soulful Ways
Soulful Ways8 months ago
Archangel Michael Oracle Cards: Pay Attention to your Dreams

This is your wake up call 😉 Your dreams are trying to communicate something very real indeed. Perhaps you have been misinterpreting them or not paying attention - yet the wonderful Archangel Michael is here to reinforce that your subconscious mind may be trying to send you signals in your dream state.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you get enough sleep so that your dream world becomes easier to access.

If you don't dream very much then this card is your signal to not loose sight of your vision. What do you think about in those last few minutes before you doze off to sleep? Did you know this is a wonderful time to manifest! Use the last 5 minutes in bed to visualise and 'dream' about all you want and desire. Imagine and really FEEL those dreams come true.

Affirm: Today, I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream - Deepak Chopra

Blessings for a visionary week ahead!
xx Leo

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