Soul Readings

Readings are really what you choose them to be. Whether it’s Guidance from the Spirit/Angelic realm or reconnection with a loved one on the other side, or even a bit of both.

It is such a privilege to connect with loved ones on the other side and I find this among my most rewarding work.

Why I call myself a Medium and not a psychic:

The word psychic is quite a general term and many people often have negative connotations associated with this word (i.e. gypsies who fortel an often dismal future etc).


Everyone has an intuitive or psychic sense, an inner knowing. Mediums fine tune this sense in such a way that they are able to communicate with spirits in other dimensions. I like to think of it as a different vibration. Like catching an am or fm signal. We are able to hear/feel thoughts, voices or mental impressions from the spirit world.

I enjoy incorporating some of the other modalities I have learnt into my readings, including various Oracle Cards, Angel Cards, Rune stones, Angel Guidance Board and the wonderful craft of Palmistry!

(Please see the Palmistry section on the website for more information. Incorporating Palmistry into my readings provides a general outline but a full Palmistry reading is much more indepth and requires more time.)

Readings last approximately 45min and cost R450.

I also offer readings via Skype. Please email me to schedule a time.  My Skype address is: Soul_Guidance



I am still in shock and awe about the reading I had with you yesterday.  The facts that came through is mind boggling.  I was such a sceptic, but at the same time really wanted to believe that the spirit lives on.  The accuracy of your reading is astonishing and I so wished that I could taped everything!  I made notes about all that was said, and it is interesting to start interpreting it.  Just know that I will be back at your centre, because you helped me so much.           – Judy

Through you, I have not only been comforted through the loss of my husband, Norbert, but have been uplifted in a special way.  Through my visits with you I have been able to work through and deal with this loss and my grieving has been lightened.            - Laverne

Thank you very much for yesterday, i feel really good and know that it was the right decision to see you; my mind is now really exploring and i can feel it is really all positive! You are a wonderfull person and i can sense the goodness in you, no wonder i was led to you as the spokesperson! Your gift is true in all essence, and it takes a very special person to be bestowed such an honour of assisting people to see the light!

Best regards, and i am really looking forward to meeting up with you again!

Keep doing what you are doing…           - Dieter

Honestly…spiders creep me out, 8 legs & hair not so much my thing, but if there is one thing I admire about them, it’s their tiny silken lifeline that they carry with them always, no matter where they are – climbing down walls or falling off edges they are always perfectly safe. I found Leo to be my silk lifeline – she has been gifted with amazing insight into the human soul and the world beyond. My reading gave me the answers I was looking for, with astounding accuracy. My all too human flaws were treated with love & compassion and I left feeling very much guided & strengthened for the next step in my life. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend Leo to anyone who feels that they need some answers. – Tanya

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