The word Cheirology means ‘knowledge of the hands’ and is an evolved form of Palmistry.

Cheirology is the study of our hands and their connection to our physical, emotional, vocational, intellectual and spiritual selves.

The Primary difference between Cheirology and Palmistry is the use of the elements rather than the planets as an interpretive language, with emphasis on the present time rather than past or future predicted events. Some aspects of Palmistry are embraced and merged with the ancient principles of the element system.

Doctors worldwide are studying cheirology to substantiate physical, emotional and mental diagnosis. This modality is making inroads as many forms of alternative medicine emerge into mainstream thinking.

Although I often use Cheirology in my readings, these are basic impressions. For a full cheirology experience, prints need to be taken and a full analysis is then done. I prefer to print the hands and then conduct the reading the following day.

Cheirology Readings, including Prints, cost R350.

Completed prints look similar to these and make wonderful gifts:



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