One Card Wonder


Ask Spirit for guidance / the Energy needed right now, as you deal with a particular situation or navigate your life right now.

This is a one card message that includes an image of the card and short message.

Emailed or Sent Via WhatsApp (in Pdf format)


CARD Readings are short and direct answers from Spirit. Clarification on a particular subject or area of your life. Card Readings DO NOT include:

  • Mediumship (speaking to loved ones in the Spirit World/Heaven),
  • Fortune telling – predicting of the future  or
  • Yes/No answers.

They are intended for Guidance and deeper insight.

If you want clear guidance, give enough context (information) about your situation.


How are Card Readings different to a Full Reading?

Full readings are in real time (via Zoom or Skype) and cover whatever questions you may have (and sometimes information you never thought to ask). They sometimes include mediumship (speaking to Loved Ones on the other side).

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