Some of the wonderful Books, Cards and DVD’s I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow from. My hope is that you will too.


spiritual laws bookA Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

Diana Cooper’s A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws sets out clearly and simply 36 Spiritual Laws which govern life on Earth. Vividly illustrated with stories and metaphors, it shows how to achieve prosperity, success, gratitude and purification. If you do not understand the rules of the game you cannot play in the top league. In the same way you cannot be happy, healthy and successful until you understand the Laws of Life. This book offers a definitive, accessible guide to mastering life and when practiced at the highest level, it contains the keys to heaven.



You Can Heal Your Life

You-Can-Heal-Your-LifeLouise Hay’s book is full of ideas and strategies that have worked for millions of people worldwide. This practical self-help guide will change the way you think forever! You Can Heal Your Life , the definitive bestselling book on self-healing, has transformed the lives of millions of people. This is a book that people credit with profoundly altering their awareness of the impact that the mind has on our health and wellbeing.




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